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All Purpose Interior & Exterior Cleaner

Product Code: 4406

SD120 is a highly effective non-caustic cleaner/degreaser for any good quality interior or exterior surface. It is a concentrated product that can be used on anywhere to remove dust, dirt and grease. It is ideal for Truck Tautliners where caustic products harm the surface.

SD120 has a fabulous MINT fragrance that freshens the interior of your vehicle as it cleans. Simply spray and wipe for a streak free result.

SD120 is ideal for those difficult areas like door jams, foot wells and under bonnet and boot lids where water rinsing is not practical. Its grease dissolving properties are enhanced by a blend of surfactants and solvents - It is simple to use and cuts down cleaning time.

SD120 can be used to remove other stubborn stains like exhaust and dead insects. It is great upholstery cleaner through an extraction machine also.


  • Non-caustic - safer for the operator and on most materials.
  • Fresh long MINT lasting fragrance.
  • Can be used at any concentration depending on soils to be removed
  • No rinsing required.
  • Very good exterior vehicle wash ΓΆ€“ especially on Red Dust.
  • Ideal for Truck Tautliners where caustic degreasers cause cracking.
  • Effective bug remover.
  • Very economical to use.
  • Available in 20lt and 200lt drums.


Viscous green clear liquid with fresh mint fragrance.
SD120 is water soluble at use solutions. pH of 1% solution typically: 8.0


Generally used at a concentration from neat to 25%
Spray solution onto the surface and wipe off with a clean cloth.
For bugs, spray on and gently scrub with a bug sponge. Rinse off with pressure washer.


Please consult Material Safety Data Sheet.


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